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Register a work in the EU

To get started to register a work and create your copyright record, log in as IP representative.

In order for us to ensure that all registrations in the Copyrights Register comply with the legal requirements for copyright protection, we require that all registrations are submitted by IP Representatives. Please contact an IP Representative to get started.

Not yet registered as IP representative? Please apply for an account here.

  • Application to register a work
  • Receipt of application of a work
  • Record work in blockchain
  • Register work in Copyrights Register

What are the benefits of registering a copyright protected work?

Creating a copyright protected work means creating value. A copyright protected work is protected by international laws at the time of creation. However, in the modern - and digital society it becomes more and more difficult to prove by who and when a work was created and who is the current copyright owner.

By registering your copyright protected work you can prove that you are the copyright owner and improves your possibilities to benefit from the value of the work you created. Should you wish to buy - or obtain a license with regard to a copyright protected work, you could search the Copyrights Register to investigate who is currently registered as copyright owner.

How is proof of registration determined?

By creating a record of a copyright protected work by using blockchain technology, we secure that the data as registered with regard to a work can't be altered and is encrypted end-to-end. We provide a registration number of this record of the work in The Copyrights Register. Only an IP representative duly authorized and registered at WEIP is entitled to register a transfer of the rightful owner of a work and to apply for an update of the particulars of the copyright owner as registered.

How to benefit from a work?

A copyright owner can only benefit from the exploitation of the copyrights if a copyright owner is able to proof to be the rightful copyright owner. If so, he/she is the only one who is entitled to multiply the copyright protected work or to make this work public. In addition, the copyright owner could sell the copyrights with regard to the work and or to license the use of the copyright for a specified territory, medium and/or period of time.

Update registration

The authorized IP representative of the copyright owner is entitled to make the following changes with regard to the work as registered:

  • Change of email the copyright owner;
  • Change of IP representative.
  • Application for update
  • Receipt of application for update
  • Register update in Copyrights Register